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  The book publishing office of Texas Tech University since 1971 and a member of the Association of American University Presses since 1987, TTUP advances the knowledge and preservation of research and scholarship by publishing books and journals. The mission of the Press is to disseminate, within its focus areas, the fruits of scholarship in as many formats as will serve the university’s broadest constituency throughout the state, the nation, and the world.

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Trade discount is 45% returnable and 50% nonreturnable. Short discount titles are 20%. No minimum order quantity required.

Texas Tech University Press is now doing their own distribution and is no longer part of the Chicago Distribution Center.  Here is their new warehouse information:

Texas Tech University Press Warehouse

Grantham Building

608 North Knoxville Avenue #120

Lubbock, TX  79415


Catalog PDFs:


Fall Winter 2017


texas tech u press fall winter 2017



Spring Summer 2017

texas tech u press spring summer 2017


Fall Winter 2016

texas tech u press fall winter 2016 


Spring Summer 2016

ttup spring summer 2016






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