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 logo oxford u press                   logo bored feet press                 logo boydell and brewer                                      

Oxford University Press                    Bored Feet Press                       Boydell & Brewer                         


logo Central European University Press                                                                        logo diamond

Central European University Press                                Diamond Book Distributors


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              Epicenter Books                                          Getty Publications           


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 Johns Hopkins University Press                               Kent State University Press


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 Minnesota Historical Society Press                  Modern Language Association (MLA)


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Museum Of New Mexico Press                       North Star Editions                Northeastern University Press


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Northwestern University Press                    Ohio University Press                                    Orca Publishing 


 logo penn state u press                                                         logo suny press

Penn State University Press                                                                       SUNY Press 


logo syracuse u press                      logo temple u press                                         logo texas tech u press

Syracuse University Press                        Temple University Press                         Texas Tech University Press


 logo trailmaster                          logo tupelo press                          logo u of alberta press

Trailmaster                                                 Tupelo Press                                          University of Alberta Press


logo u of arizona press                                        logo u of georgia press                                    logo u of hawaii press

University of Arizona Press             University of Georgia Press                             University of Hawaii Press


logo u of iowa press             logo u of missouri press      logo u of nevada press

University of Iowa Press            University of Missouri Press             University of Nevada Press


logo u of new mexico press                               logo u of new orleans press                                       logo u of oklahoma press

University of New Mexico Press               University of New Orleans Press              University of Oklahoma Press


 logo u of pennsylvania press                           logo u of tennessee press

University of Pennsylvania Press                                          University of Tennessee Press


logo u of utah press                       logo u press of florida    

University of Utah Press                                                                                        University Press of Florida


logo u press of kansas                                                                                  logo wayne state u press

University Press of Kansas                                                                               Wayne State University Press 



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Wesleyan University Press                     West Virginia University Press             Westholme Publishing






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 protest march                  Social Justice 

 (including related titles from the following catagories:

African Diaspora

Border Studies/Immigration

Children's Books


Police and Policing









 shirley chisolm         airplane         clipboard

    African American                       Aviation             Boydell & Brewer Companion series


california flag         mothergoosemoon     superman batman

 California                Children's Books              Comics/Graphic Novels/Superheroes


  cooking dog              carnaval11          fairy tales genie2

   Cooking/Food                         Dance                        Fairy Tales/Folklore/Mythology


    film                 gardening      james joyce

          Film                             Gardening               James Joyce 

                                                                    (don't get caught short of Joyce titles on BLOOMSDAY!)


 latinx                Image result for lewis and clark animated gif                lgbt

       Latinx                                Lewis and Clark                           LGBT                                                                                                    


  los angeles                   native american1              oakland postcard

       Los Angeles                      Native American                  Oakland



   pacific northwest2            poetry1         pottery

  Pacific Northwest               Poetry                        Pottery



  san francisco          benderdancingavatar       space travel

   San Francisco            Science Fiction                       Space Travel


vikings           man riding horse           wine glass

               Vikings                                  The West                        Wine


   globe              yosemite          zenos logo

    World Literature                      Yosemite                    








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The Bob Rosenberg Group provides professional sales representation to publishers in the West.

books turquoise background

cowboy bob I have worked in the book industry since I was in high school – in bookstores new and used, and as a sales representative for a variety of trade publishers (including Pocket Books, New American Library, Dutton, Dial Books for Children, Scholastic, Penguin, Simon & Schuster, Heinemann, Monthly Review Press, Zagat, Nolo Press, University of Minnesota Press, Howard University Press, University of California Press, and Princeton University Press) as well as with a number of smaller presses, covering a territory that included at different times the entire West coast from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, Hawaii and Nevada. Now, I utilize my experience in the book business to work as an independent commission sales representative, currently covering the Western states for the group of presses listed below.


Currently representing the following publishers:


In the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming:


 west 11 


Oxford University Press

Boydell & Brewer (also covering Alaska)                                          Temple University Press

Epicenter Press                                                                                    Texas Tech University Press

Kent State University Press                                                                Trailmaster

Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation                                      University of Hawaii Press (not in Hawaii)

Penn State University Press                                                               University of Missouri Press

Rochester Institute of Technology Press                                           University of Tennessee Press

SUNY Press                                                                                          University Press of Florida

Syracuse University Press                                                                  Wayne State University Press



In the states of Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming:

cdc territory                   alaska

University of Iowa Press


In the states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming:


cdc territory

Northwestern University Press                 West Virginia University Press


In the states of Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming: 


cdc territory                   alaska           hawaii

Getty Publications


wilcher logo2
And as part of Wilcher Associates I represent the following publishers in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana:  

west wilcher



Bored Feet Press                                                   Tupelo Press

Central European University Press                      University of Alberta Press 

Diamond Book Distributors                                  University of Arizona Press

Johns Hopkins University Press                          University of Georgia Press 

Letterary Press (cards)                                          University of Nevada Press

Millichap Books                                                      University of New Mexico Press

Minnesota Historical Society Press                      University of New Orleans Press  

Modern Language Association                             University of Oklahoma Press

Museum of New Mexico Press                              University of Pennsylvania Press

North Star Editions                                                 University of Utah Press

Northeastern University Press                              University Press of Kansas

Ohio University Press                                            Wesleyan University Press

Orca Publishing                                                      Westholme Publishing 

Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers               




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 Bob Rosenberg

 Bob Rosenberg Group

 2318 - 32nd Avenue

 San Francisco, CA 94116

  phone       (415) 564-1248 phone

   fax toll free       (888) 491-1248 Toll-free fax


email me           email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





African Kings and Black Slaves: Sovereignty and Dispossession in the Early Modern Atlantic. Bennett, Herman L.. University of Pennsylvania Press
Paul Verlaine: A Bilingual Selection of His Verse. Verlaine, Paul. Penn State University Press
Algériennes: The Forgotten Women of the Algerian Revolution. Meralli, Swann and Deloupy. Penn State University Press
Bruce Grit: The Black Nationalist Writings of John Edward Bruce. Seraile, William . University of Tennessee Press
A Herzen Reader. Herzen, Alexander. Northwestern University Press
Good White People: The Problem with Middle-Class White Anti-Racism. Sullivan, Shannon. SUNY Press
Freedom’s Racial Frontier: African Americans in the Twentieth-Century West . Ruffin II, Herbert G. and Mack, Dwayne A. (editors) . University of Oklahoma Press
Black Reconstruction in America. Du Bois, W. E. B. . Oxford University Press
Wisdom in Nonsense: Invaluable Lessons from My Father . O'Neill, Heather. University of Alberta Press
Maverick. Broe, Dennis . Wayne State University Press
Beware of Pity. Zweig, Stefan . Northwestern University Press
This Bridge Called My Back, Fourth Edition: Writings by Radical Women of Color. Moraga, Cherríe and Anzaldúa, Gloria. SUNY Press
Florida Frenzy. Crews, Harry. University Press of Florida
The White Pacific: U.S. Imperialism and Black Slavery in the South Seas after the Civil War. Horne, Gerald. University of Hawaii Press
Neon Vernacular: New and Selected Poems . Komunyakaa, Yusef. Wesleyan University Press
Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry. Dungy, Camille T. (editor). University of Georgia Press
Anaximander . Rovelli, Carlo . Westholme Publishing
Byline, Richard Wright: Articles from the DAILY WORKER and NEW MASSES. Wright, Richard. University of Missouri Press
Urban Voices: The Bay Area American Indian Community . Lobo, Susan (editor). University of Arizona Press
The Spook Who Sat by the Door. Greenlee, Sam. Wayne State University Press
Come With Me From Lebanon: An American Family Odyssey . Kerr, Ann Zwicker. Syracuse University Press
The Poetic Edda. Larrington, Carolyne (translator). Oxford University Press
Facing West: The Metaphysics of Indian-Hating and Empire-Building. Drinnon, Richard. University of Oklahoma Press
August Wilson’s Twentieth-Century Cycle Plays: A Reader’s Companion . Sternlicht, Sanford. Texas Tech University Press
The Death of the Detective. Smith, Mark. Northwestern University Press
Smokelore: A Short History of Barbecue in America. Auchmutey, Jim. University of Georgia Press
Glazed America: A History of the Doughnut. Mullins, Paul R.. University Press of Florida
The Ways of the World. Harvey, David . Oxford University Press
Grettir's Saga. Byock, Jesse (translator). Oxford University Press
Trumbull Park. Brown, Frank London. Northeastern University Press
A Gallery of Harlem Portraits. Tolson, Melvin B.. University of Missouri Press
Miss Muriel and Other Stories. Petry, Ann . Northwestern University Press
Medieval Robots: Mechanism, Magic, Nature, and Art. Truitt, E. R.. University of Pennsylvania Press
A Childhood: The Biography of a Place. Crews, Harry. University of Georgia Press
Unfinished Masterpiece: The Harlem Renaissance Fiction of Anita Scott Coleman. Coleman, Anita Scott . Texas Tech University Press
Pages from a Black Radical's Notebook: A James Boggs Reader. Boggs, James and Ward, Stephen M.. Wayne State University Press
Notebook of a Return to the Native Land. Cesaire, Aime. Wesleyan University Press
Creole Feast: Fifteen Master Chefs of New Orleans Reveal Their Secrets. Burton, Nathaniel and Lombard, Rudy . University of New Orleans Press
Occasional, Critical, and Political Writing. Joyce, James. Oxford University Press
The Literary Werewolf: An Anthology . Otten, Charlotte F. (editor) . Syracuse University Press
Small Hours of the Night: Selected Poems of Roque Dalton. Dalton, Roque. Northwestern University Press. Curbstone Books
Black Indian: A Memoir. Buchanan, Shonda. Wayne State University Press
Witnesses to the Struggle: Imaging the 1930s California Labor Movement . Loftis, Anne. University of Nevada Press
Zombies: An Anthropological Investigation of the Living Dead. Charlier, Phillipe. University Press of Florida
The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke . Stewart, Jeffrey C. . Oxford University Press
The Great Camouflage: Writings of Dissent (1941-1945). Césaire, Suzanne. Wesleyan University Press
Superheroes in Crisis: Adjusting to Social Change in the 1960s and 1970s. Johnson, Jeffrey K.. Rochester Institute of Technology Press
The Myth of the Superhero. Arnaudo, Marco. Johns Hopkins University Press
Black San Francisco: The Struggle for Racial Equality in the West, 1900-1954. Broussard, Albert S.. University Press of Kansas
Jean Toomer: Selected Essays and Literary Criticism. Toomer, Jean . University of Tennessee Press
Feathers, Paws, Fins, and Claws: Fairy-Tale Beasts. Schacker, Jennifer and Jones, Christine A. (editors). Wayne State University Press
The Last Man. Shelley, Mary. Oxford University Press
How To Wash a Heart . Kapil, Bhanu . Oxford University Press. Liverpool University Press
Finnegans Wake: A Plot Summary . Gordon, John. Syracuse University Press
Comic Book Nation: The Transformation of Youth Culture in America. Wright, Bradford W.. Johns Hopkins University Press
A Novel Marketplace: Mass Culture, the Book Trade, and Postwar American Fiction. Brier, Evan. University of Pennsylvania Press
In Search of Asylum: The Later Writings of Eric Walrond. Walrond, Eric. University Press of Florida
Chicano Communists and the Struggle for Social Justice. Buelna, Enrique M.. University of Arizona Press
It’s Your Misfortune and None of My Own: A New History of the American West. White, Richard. University of Oklahoma Press
Native Hoops: The Rise of American Indian Basketball, 1895 - 1970. Davies, Wade. University Press of Kansas
Alcatraz Screw: My Years as a Guard in America's Most Notorious Prison. Gregory, George H..
Iep Jaltok: Poems From A Marshallese Daughter. Jetnil-Kijiner, Kathy. University of Arizona Press
Monarch of the Square: An Anthology of Muhammad Zafzaf’s Short Stories . Zafzaf, Muhammad. Syracuse University Press
Argentina Noir: New Millennium Crime Novels in Buenos Aires. Schmidt-Cruz, Cynthia. SUNY Press







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