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The University of Nebraska Press extends the University's mission of teaching, research, and service by promoting, publishing, and disseminating works of intellectual and cultural significance and enduring value.


We primarily publish nonfiction books and scholarly journals, along with a few titles per season in contemporary and regional prose and poetry. On occasion, we reprint previously published fiction of established reputation, and we have several programs to publish literary works in translation. Through our Bison Books imprint we publish general-interest books about the American West. Our primary mission, defined by the University through the Press Advisory Board of faculty members working in concert with the Press, is to find, evaluate, and publish in the best fashion possible, serious works of nonfiction.






Retailer Discounts


Trade: 1-9 = 43%, 10-99 = 45%, 100 or more = 48%

Academic Trade Discount (“a” in catalogs)any quantity = 42%

Short Discount (“s” in catalogs) any quantity = 40%


Trade: 25 book minimum = 46%, 50 or more = 50%

Academic Trade Discount (“a” in catalogs)any quantity = 44%

Short Discount (“s” in catalogs) any quantity = 40%

Wholesaler Discounts


Trade: 1-9 = 40%, 10-49 = 46%, 50 or more = 50%

Academic Trade Discount (“a” in catalogs)any quantity = 35%

Short Discount (“s” in catalogs) any quantity = 25%

Non-Returnable – 25 book minimum.

Trade = 55%

Academic Trade Discount (“a” in catalogs) = 45%

Short Discount (“s” in catalogs) = 40%

Non-Returnable Discount Status must be approved by Sales Coordinator.

Trade, Academic Trade, and Short quantities combine for maximum discount on trade titles only.

*If minimum order is not met discounts revert to returnable terms for all books

Discounts and prices are subject to change without notice. All shipments F.O.B. Fredericksburg, PA.

Returns Policy

1 Address for returns is Longleaf Services Inc, c/o maple Press Company, Lebanon Distribution Center, 704 Legionaire Dr, Fredericksburg, PA 17026

2 Permission to return is not required, however to receive credit books must be returned within eighteen months of the date of the invoice. Books must be the current, in print editions, and in clean, saleable condition, with no pricing or stickers other than the publisher’s.

3 Defective books are returnable for full credit, and must be indicated with defect clearly marked. Publisher pays postage on defective books.

4 Credit allowed for returnable accounts: 100% of invoiced amount if dealer supplies correct invoice information; otherwise at maximum trade, short, or text discounts. No returns allowed for non-returnable accounts except for defective books.

5 Postage: Bookseller pays postage on returns except for defective books.







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