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Dufour Editions publishes under its own imprint and is the
U.S. distributor for dozens of British and Irish publishers.


“It’s an education to read your catalogs.”
—Alice Quinn, former poetry editor, The New Yorker


“We think you deserve a lot of credit for making excellent
but little known foreign writers more available to
American readers – keep up the good work!”

—Frederick Morgan, late editor of The Hudson Review


“They publish and distribute a wide range of distinguished
literary titles from the best of Irish and British poetry to
the powerful, distinctive voices of Eastern European writers.”

—UNESCO Culture Sector


“The heart of the operation is good writing. Dufour’s
list makes the usual casual catalog-leafer humble, realizing
he’s not quite as well-read as he once believed.”

—Chris Goodrich, Small Press Magazine


“I have been pleased to note that your publishing program has been
of consistently high quality and regularly introduced new books of great
interest and importance to the field that have been well received.”

—D. W. Pease, editor of Journal of Contemporary Literature









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100% credit up to 18 months from invoice date. No permission required. No cash refunds.



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