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In 2002, Diamond Comic Distributors - the world's largest distributor of English-language comic books - spun off its book trade efforts into a new division: Diamond Book Distributors (DBD). DBD is dedicated to serving the needs of the book trade, with a team of seasoned professionals in sales and marketing, as well as the Diamond Comic Distributors reputation and infrastructure in selling graphic novels and related pop-culture merchandise.

DBD is the home to a number of world class publishers including Dark Horse, publisher of award-winning and best-selling creators and series including Joss Whedon, Janet Evanovich, Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Conan and the Star Wars franchise; IDW, publisher of Transformers and True Blood; Image Comics, publisher of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead; Oni Press, publisher of the widely successful Scott Pilgrim series; and many others.

DBD sells to a variety of sources, including Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com, libraries, and more, offering a vast array of high-quality graphic novels, gaming products, prose novels, and toys from some of the top publishers and creators in the business.

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RETURNS POLICY: No permission required for returns; up to 80 days after declared OP; All mass market titles are strippable for returns; no invoice required but do include a packing slip.

Diamond Book Distributors

7485 Polk Lane

Olive Branch MS 38654

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