Fall 2018 Trade Show Specials and Changes





Oxford University Press (Edelweiss)

Free freight on seasonal Fall 2018 list



Berghahn Books  (Edelweiss, IPS)

45% on trade titles; 40% on Academic trade; 20% short



Bored Feet Press

50% on Bored Feet titles; 47% on distributed titles



Boydell & Brewer (Edelweiss)

One order per season at 45% and free freight 



David R. Godine Publishing (Edelweiss)

25+ assorted books= 50% and free freight; 15 + assorted books= 46% and free freight. Offer good through two weeks after the show. Code: NCIBA 2018



Diamond Book Distributors (Edelweiss)

Diamond Book Distributors: $250 retail = 46% Free Freight



Dufour Editions

Sales Rep’s Special: 5=45%



Felony & Mayhem (NBN)

1 = 47%



Health Communications Inc.

Health Communications: 50%, Free Freight, no minimum



Minnesota Historical Society Press (CDC, Edelweiss)

5+ = 45% discount for Trade titles.



Museum Of New Mexico Press (CDC)

Museum of New Mexico Press: 5 = 50%, Free Freight



North Star Editions (Edelweiss)

50%, Free Freight



Ohio University Press (CDC, Edelweiss)

Sales rep special   5+= 50% (shorts 50%) front and backlist



Orca Publishing (Edelweiss)

Promo Code: REGIONAL2018.
50% and free freight; 15 units minimum; 1 order per account; Deadline: 31-Oct-18



Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers

Self Realization Fellowship: 5 = 50%, Free Freight



SUNY Press (Edelweiss)

Rep special 45% on orders submitted by rep.



Syracuse University Press (Longleaf, Edelweiss)

50% off orders of 5 or more backlist, free shipping. Expires 12/1/2018. Backlist is any book with a pub date 0f 2017 or earlier. Promo code: 05BACK18




Must order Mini-books in quantities of 6. 12+ units = 45%, 48+ units = 45% and free freight; 50% discount on orders of DyslexiaLand.



University of Arizona Press (CDC)

On orders between October 1 and November 16, 2018: -Plus 5% and 90 days dating (excluding NYP titles) -No minimum on orders -Use Promo Code - AZINDIES18.



University of Hawaii Press

50% Discount on one order, UHP titles only. Distributed titles will
be capped off at 40% as usual.



University of Missouri Press (CDC)

Rep special - Standard discount through rep: 47% on trade and shorts



University of Nebraska Press (Longleaf, Edeweiss)

Nebraska 50% Free Freight trade show special through the end of October 2018

PNBA promo code: 6PNB18

NCIBA promo code: 6NCI18



University of Nevada Press (CDC, Edelweiss)

5 = 50% (40% shorts)  send orders to Sara



University Of New Mexico Press (Longleaf)

Free Freight on all orders through 30 December 2018

PNBA promo code: 16PNBA18

NCIBA promo code: 16NCIB18



University of Oklahoma Press (Edelweiss, Longleaf)

Fall 2018 one-time seasonal special of 50% discount (short and trade titles), from 9/29/2018 to 12/31/2018. Accounts must use promo code to process the order - 18RepF18R.



University Press of Florida (Edelweiss)

48% on all trade discount titles; 45% on all short discount titles. Free freight. No minimum.



University Press of Kansas (Edelweiss)

Seasonal special: 44% & free freight, frontlist and backlist



University Press of New England (Maple Logistics Solutions, Edelweiss)

45%, Free Freight (USPS Media Mail)



Westholme Publishing (CDC)

1 = 43% new customers / 1=48% repeat customers  



In the states of Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming:


Getty Publications(CDC, Edelweiss)


From September 15th – November 1st - +5% on all discounts – trade, academic and short (meaning trade returnable would go from 46% to 51%; academic trade returnable would go from 40% to 45%; short returnable would go from 20% to 25%). Please mark the applicable orders with a note to call out +5 Getty Fall Backlist Offer. ALSO:  

ART OF READING (featured in NCIBA and PNBA holiday catalogs. On the cover of the PNBA catalog) – Buy 3 copies per location, get +3.

LIVES OF THE ARTISTS – Buy 6 or more copies of any combination of titles in this series, get +3

The Art of Reading and the Lives of the Artists series carry trade discounts, so this will bring discounts on returnable accounts from 46% to 49% and on non-returnable, the discount increases from 50% to 53%.








There are some publishers I will no longer be representing.


After 9/30/2018:


University of Pittsburgh Press (they are doing away with sales representation but will still be orderable through Chicago Distribution Center)



After 12/31/2018:


Heyday (going to PGW)


Atlantic Publishing


University Press of New England (they are ceasing to exist as such)





Boydell & Brewer

After September 1, 2018, Boydell & Brewer orders will be sent to -

Casemate Academic 
1950 Lawrence Road 
Havertown, PA 19083 
Tel: 610-853-9131 
Fax: 610-853-9146 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Boydell &Brewer terms will stay the same



Museum of New Mexico Press is now available through Chicago Distribution Center (they were previously distributed by University of New Mexico Press)



University of New Mexico Press and University of Oklahoma Press are both now distributed by Longleaf (they formerly did their own distribution)



University of Pennsylvania Press is now distributed by Ingram Publishing Services (they formerly used Hopkins Fulfillment Service for their distribution).

Their new terms - Trade=45%; Academic/Professional (S)=40%; Short hardcover=30%; Short paperback=35%. Free freight on minimum order quantity of 15 units of $350 retail