Spring 2017 Specials


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Boydell & Brewer

One order per season at 45% and free freight


Penn State University Press

50% on trade titles, 45% on short titles

Free U.S. shipping

Minimum of 3 units, maximum of 15 units, 1 order per customer

Effective January 15, 2017 through April 30, 2017

Independent retailers only

Orders should be submitted directly to your sales rep


University of Hawaii Press



50% off UHP titles
(does not include distributed titles)
Note the code "Spring2017Special50%" on your order when submitting



Oxford University Press (Edelweiss)

Free freight on frontlist order


Atlantic Publishing

Sales Rep Special - One Time Only – 10+= 50% and FREE FREIGHT - returnable


David R. Godine (on Edelweiss)

Backlist Special: 10+ backlist= 50% and FREE FREIGHT – returnable. One order only per season


Diamond Book Distributors (on Edelweiss)

Sales Rep special 12+=46%. FREE FREIGHT for orders totaling $250 retail - returnable


Health Communications

Sales Rep’s Special: order 12+ frontlist units and get 50% free freight on whole order; order 18+ frontlist units and get 52% free freight on whole order


Minnesota Historical Press

5 = 45%, 15+ = Free Freight


Ohio University Press (on Edelweiss)

Sales rep special - 12+=50% (shorts 50%). One order per season


Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers

Sales Rep’s Special: 6 calendars=50% free freight returnable


University of Nebraska Press

Sales Rep’s Special: one time only! Until 6/31/17. Any 10 books= FREE FREIGHT


University of Nevada Press

Sales Rep’s Special: 5 =50% (40% text and shorts), at least one frontlist and one backlist title until 6/31/2017


University of Oklahoma Press

Sales Rep’s Special: 5+ books=50% including shorts, one order per season. Until 6/31/17.


University Press of New England

Sales Rep Special – 10+ = 45% (shorts 40%) & FREE FREIGHT until 5/31/17

Restock orders will not get the free shipping. 


University Press of Kansas

Rep special 5+ = 44% and FREE FREIGHT



                                                                          GIFT PUBLISHERS


Ultraoptix (magnifiers, book lights)

Sales Rep Special - Free Freight! $100 net

50% non-returnable

Minimum order $36 net